A LIL’ Announcement…

Things have been more than a little quiet here on MyCasita.

Sit tight, I have an announcement to make.

After months of deliberation and thinking, I finally decided to…

redesign the site!

Yay! So whilst things have been rather quiet on the front end, a lot of things have been going on at the back end to ensure the new website is all I hope for it to be.

It’s taken a lot of Courage, Faith and self motivation. I am glad although slightly nervous and cannot wait to share with you wonderful readers, all that the new website will include.

The focus is more defined although it’s also expanding and my hope is that you all enjoy reading it as much as I love working on it.

I thought it’d be nice to share with you the moodboard and inspiration for the new site. The plan is to launch just in time for the festive season

Inspiration Board

Inspiration Board

It’s not completely quiet on our social media channels though,

Keep up with the behind the scenes and more on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Looking forward to the new site already!

xo xo




Did you hear?


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It’s been a bit, I know! but I’ve got some exciting news to share today!

The ladies behind The Everygirl, Alaina and Danielle are in London this weekend and have teamed up with London Levo (Levo League‘s London Chapter) to co-host a nice get together on the evening of Sunday the 20th of October.

Get excited people!!!

Starting at 6 pm, the event will hold at

Longford’s Bar, Melia White House, London
Albany Street, Regent’s Park, London NW1 3UP
(Closest Underground Station is Great Portland Street on the Circle, Hammersmith & City, and Metropolitan lines.)
Please email: TEGinLondon@gmail.com to RSVP (they need to have an idea of numbers!)

Grab a friend and tell a colleague, Sunday evening is going to be fun!

I hope to see you all there.

Have a good weekend,



Monday Mindset: Focus on be-ing


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J-crew pumps are nice and so are the newest coloured Revas.

However with all these material acquisitions, academic accolades and career/business achievements, who exactly are we becoming?

I once heard a wise person say, in life, focus on being, not on having; When you focus on being, you will HAVE! This person was simply emphasizing the importance of quality over quantity. Virtues are oh so important, and with the pursuits of daily life, can be easily ignored. It should not be so.

being not having

Ask your self this question daily, who am I becoming? Exactly what direction are my thoughts and actions leading me to.

Focus on being, not on having, for when you are the right quality of being, you will have even more than what you think you desire.

Have an amazing week!

   xo xo

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Tribal Decor


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The tribal trend rocking the fashion world has steadily made it’s way into interiors. Everyone from Burberry to ASOS has done a funky print collection.

Tribal Fashion

source {L&R :Burberry Prorsum, Centre: pretty lady in tribal print pants}

The world of interiors thankfully is not one to be left behind. Someone once said interiors is a reflection of an individual’s personal style and I totally agree. It’s basically how you choose to decorate the way you live.

For the brave and eclectic at heart, this trend provides the opportunity to decorate to their heart’s content (literally!). From Geometric prints, to Aztec and all other forms of African wax prints, there is a rising desire for interiors beyond the norm. I mean just the other day, I visited Holborn based store, The Dark Room and I met a neuroscientist trying to decide which printed cushion to purchase for his new flat. I’m telling ya, prints are here to stay.

Here’s a round up of a few tribal inspired decor I have my eyes on,

Tribal Decor


Have you bought any tribal inspired prints recently?

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Currently Living with Tiffany Leigh


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Hello and welcome to this wonderful month of August.

I am so excited to share today’s Currently Living with you all!

It is well known I am a sucker for prettifully designed spaces. Moreso, when it involves making adequate use of space.

Today, the lovely Tiffany, of Tiffany Leigh Interiors is taking us through the process behind her tastefully designed Toronto Studio. Enjoy!

025 headshot 2

Name: Tiffany Leigh

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario (Originally from Waterloo, Ontario)

Studio Apartment in Toronto

Tiffany’s Studio Apartment

The Decorative Process:  My decorative process was definitely relaxed. When I moved into my studio apartment in September to begin earning my degree in Interior design, I really only had the main pieces of furniture (most of which were thrifted or IKEA…budget was tight). The space was lacking personality and a lived in feeling. Over time, I’ve been collecting art and tchotchskis from antique markets to create layered and interesting vignettes. It is still a work in progress! Right now I am collecting more pieces of art to create a gallery wall around my television. I may never be completely done tweaking…

Greek Key Bench

That Greek Key bench is everything… and it was all re-upholstered by Tiffany.

Tiffany's Desk aka The Home Office

Tiffany’s desk aka The Home Office


That lovely canvas was also hand painted by her. She’s one talented lady.

Favourite Piece(s): My favourite piece in my space has got to be either my bamboo chair or my handwoven rug. Both were thrifted steals that I can never see myself parting with.

Tips and Tricks to making the best use of space:  My number one tip is that you can have accessories in a small space. I think a lot of people think that a small space should be clutter free, but this results in a space that lacks interest and will bore guests. Don’t be afraid to add in little knick-knacks that reflect your style and say something about who you are.

Wall Prints

Beauty is all in the details...

True beauty lies in all the details…

Baubles, Nail Polish and Coffee Table books...what more could a girl wish for

Baubles, Nail Polish and Coffee Table books…what more could a girl wish for

More Tips: Another tip for small spaces is to define your place into distinct zones but maintain an open feel. A rug can help you do this. I created my office space in the nook between the end of my bed and the wall. It feels like a little room in itself.

Perfume Prints

Tiffany’s desk. Can you spot those pretty perfume prints. They add even more personality to her desk

Tiffany's Lovely Toronto Studio Apartment

Tiffany’s Lovely Toronto Studio Apartment

The first time I saw Tiffany’s studio, I was smitten. I love how she has clearly defined her space. Making adequate room for bedroom, living room and study in one! Amazing..and she is so talented too, from The DIY bench, to the canvas painting on the wall and the gold painted skull. Learn how to do them all on her blog!

Thank you Tiffany.

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xo xo


©All images Copyright to Tiffany Leigh Interior Design

Sunday Spotlight: Ashley Brooke Designs


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MyCasita blog Sunday Spotlight

What do the following phrases have in common? “Lets Always be fancy“, “Good Morning doll face“, “Hey there Buttercup” and one of my personal favourite “Too Legit to Quit“! By now I’m sure you know I am referring to none other but the very talented and creative, Ashley of Ashley Brooke Designs. If you are a regular around here, you’d know Ashley Brooke is a MyCasita favourite (I have often shared her monthly downloads on our social media channels!) Today, MyCasita is very pleased to have Ashley share the story behind her business and designs and how a chance experimentation with her illustrations eventually led to the stationery company we all know and love today.

ABDA_7web-copy-480x408What is Ashley Brooke Designs and what year was it founded? ABD is a custom stationery and paper goods company, founded in 2008.

What is your educational background? I have a degree in interior design from Seminole State College.

At what point did you decide you definitely wanted to pursue your interest in Paper and Design as a career or fulltime business? Well, after receiving a degree in interior design, I was working as a design assistant when the real estate bubble burst and as a result, I was laid off! My parents are photographers and hired me as a retouch artist at their studio.  While I was there they encouraged me to experiment with my illustrations and use their printers so I started creating thank you notes for myself.  It wasn’t long before I was creating stationery and starting my own business.

How have you successfully increased your clientele?  Social Media has been a huge part of our business from day one.  Bloggers Nina from According to Nina and Erin from Blue Eyed Bride gave me my first chances to share my art with a large audience. Since then, we’ve developed a daily blog with a consistent editorial calendar as well as coordinating Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, which has really allowed us to create a following.

An ABDesigns custom illustration

An ABDesigns custom illustration

ABD for Kathie Lee Gifford

ABD for Kathie Lee Gifford

And tell us about designing for Tori Spelling and Kathie Lee Gifford: Well I designed some stationery for Tori Spelling’s family through an event with celebrity moms and sent Kathie Lee a few things for her and co-host Hoda Kotb after they began hosting the 4th hour of the Today Show.  Tori and Kathie Lee were both sweet enough to send thank you notes on the stationery I designed for them, which was super kind and sort of thrilling!

You are one of the most creative people I know (from your designs and custom illustrations to your DIY videos and monthly downloads. Plus your mugs, those words are just the best!). Tell me how do you draw inspiration for these unique ideas? Oh gosh, this is a hard one! I get my inspiration from fashion, typography, layout design, textiles….. the list could go on and on! 

What are some of the challenges you have faced working in this field? Juggling all the different hats that come along with being an entrepreneur—it’s so much more than just the fun, creative stuff, but then again I love a challenge and I love learning as much as I can about business.

What would you say the best things are about running your own business? Being the boss of course—haha! Although that comes with a lot of responsibility.  Honestly, getting to do what I love and starting each day knowing that anything can happen (and usually does) is the best.

Your most memorable experience since Ashley Brooke Designs was launched?  Oh gosh! There are so many! But a couple years ago we flew up to NYC for a press event… we were literally in the city for less than 20 hours… it was nuts, but so much fun!

For Tori Spelling

For Tori Spelling

The catchiest mugs ever!

The catchiest mugs ever!

Take us through a day in the life of Ashley? And how do you stay organised? My morning routine in crucial in getting me all set up for a productive work day. I usually get up, head to the gym, come back and walk my dog Lucy, enjoy breakfast and coffee while I do my morning devotions and then I start in on my inbox. Each day consists of different things, but mostly creating blog content, designing for clients, managing the business and coming up with new product ideas.

What is your motivation? To be honest, I just really love what I do. I love creating tangible art that makes people laugh if its one of our sassy mugs or creates a special memory by setting the tone with one of our custom illustrated invitations. I love my job, and I feel blessed that I get to call this “work”.

What advice do you have for others who might be interested in working in a similar field (maybe starting a paper or illustration business)? Start where you are with what you have.  That’s what I did and over time it’s become so much for than I imagined. You just can’t be afraid of failure, it’s harder than it sounds, I know.  But when you’re afraid you can’t put out your best work and being yourself always leads to your best work.

If you could do anything differently, what would you do? You know, I don’t think so! We’ve done a lot of great things and we’ve also made lots of mistakes… but all of the brilliant ideas stem from those mistakes… so I wouldn’t change a thing!

What next for ABD? I never thought ABD would look like it does today, so I’m going to keep working really hard and be open to all the possibilities! I can’t wait to see what we look like in 2, 5, even 10 years! 

Get to know Ashley…

Golf-Day-2-via-Ashley-Brooke-Designs-copy-480x732Asides drawing and making pretty paper, what do you like to do in your spare time: I love to go on runs, farmer’s market trips, play around in my garden (turns out I have a bit of a green thumb), and go out for a cocktail or two with my favorite girl friends.

Favorite thing about the Summer:  Umm…does Watermelon count?!

Brunch or Dinner: Brunch! Because with brunch comes quiche and mimosas and what’s better than that?!

Fave Restaurant in your City to have brunch : I love brunching on Park Avenue in Winter Park…there are tons of great places to eat! The Briarpatch may be my favorite.

Fave Colour(s): Blue! It’s everywhere…our logo, my house…can’t get enough!

Women you admire:  Diane Von Furstenberg, Deborah Lloyd of Kate Spade, and SO many others

Quote that inspires you the most:  Creativity is intelligence having fun. Albert Einstein

What are you currently reading or watching on TV:  I recently started watching Friday Night Lights, the complete series and to say I’m obsessed would be an understatement!

City you’d love to live in:  New York City… although I’m pretty fond of my little neighborhood in Orlando!

Other designers whose work you admire: Dallas Shaw, Katie Rodgers, and Jessica Durrant

You would describe your personal style as: My personal style is a mix of things, I tend to go for a more classic aesthetic with bits of girly, preppy, and trendy mixed in. I love clean lines, a good fit, and a great basic. My girlfriends make fun of me because I still have clothes that I wear now that are 10 years old… take for instance a black skirt, it’s a classic fit and it will never go out of style! I have reinvented it a zillion times over! I’m never letting that skirt go! P.S. don’t worry I’m not a hoarder… I only keep the good stuff!

Thank you Ashley! Keep up with ABD on her blogTwitter, Facebook and Instagram and also shop the ongoing SALE and order your customised stationery!

xo xo


©All images Copyright to Ashley Brooke Designs